Monday, June 30, 2008

This was inspired by a true event (except for the Jesus part). While having dinner with a good friend the other night we struck up a conversation with a couple beside us. They seemed pleasantly surprised at my buddy's dry wit, keen grasp of politics and encyclopaedic mind. As usual in these situations, I sat silent, content to listen to this enlightening conversation. After enquiring as to everyone's career choice the question was put to me. After I said that I was an illustrator their eyes lit up like super novas and their smiles were so large the corners of their mouths seemed to meet at the backs of their heads. You'd think I was Brad Pit or as the cartoon suggests, Christ himself.


Leslie Watts said...

Hi, Mark. This is not only funny but beautifully rendered too. Thanks for the comment on my blog. If you could see what a mess I live in, you would understand where the discipline for painting comes from. Nothing else ever gets done! Cheers.

SidB said...

Hi y'all! I'm another storyboard artist younger in the field than you fellows. I've been a fan of Richard's for the 6 years I've been doing this and he is well thought of by everyone I know in the field. I think Mark is extremely impressive as well now that I've seen your stuff. Keep posting! I'm eating it up!

Sid Bussell