Saturday, December 15, 2007

Farm House

A quickee sketch 

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Future Car

Soon they'll be in everybody's driveway. Any day now.

More Dambusters. Why? Because we can.

Hey Dude

Lets see if this sucker works.


I have 35 min. 28 sec. of free time so I finally managed to take a stab at figuring this out. This Blog is the 'creation' of me (Mark Harris) & Richard Row, two overworked & frustrated Storyboard Illustrators. Every day we are asked (and paid!) to draw other people's ideas and that is making us into little piles of creative jelly. the desparate and possibly lame attempt to create an outlet before we go postal, we've started this Blog. We won't be posting everyday, cause we're old guys and don't do the Facebook thing very well, but we WILL make a decent attempt to post some of our artistic ramblings.
I could say to everyone to feel free to post their honest critiques, but let's be honest, who likes negative feedback?